Trails along and off of Smith-Dorrien/Spray Lakes Road (hwy 742)


Many trails and trailheads were damaged in the 2013 floods.  To get the most current information on each trail please check

1Headwall Lakes Trail to Lower Lake 13KM 400M
2Headwall Lakes, 15KM 500M to Upper Lake
3Buller/Guinn Passes to Galatea 18 km 1000m - A traverse over Buller and Guinn Passes and out Galatea Creek
4Tryst Lake, 6.6km 260m
5Rummel Pass 16 km, 530m
6Rummel Lake 11 km, 400m
7Burstall Lakes and alluvial fan 7km 150m
8West Wind Pass 8.5km 400m
9Old Goat Creek to falls, return to Spray Lake shore 5km 100m
10Old Goat Glacier 11km 720m
11Buller Pond to Spray Lake & return 3km 30m and/or High Rockies Trail AFATP
12Meadows before Buller Pass 11km 500m
13South Buller Pass, 15km 670m
14North & South Buller Passes, 17km 900m
15Read's Ridge and Tower, 5 - 7 km, 650m to Ridge, 950m to Tower
16Sparrowhawk Tarns 13 km, 750 m
17Burstall Pass Trail Ski: 10+km, 150 m
18Chester Lake Skiing 8.6km, 300m
19Chester Lake & Elephant Rocks+ Snowshoe 10.6km, 400m
20Meadow before Burstall Pass: 11 km., 250 m.
21Spencer Creek to Viewpoint, return via HRT, 6.5km 250m
22Spencer Creek (optional return via HRT), 9.5km (11.5km) 600m (700m)
23Spencer Creek to scree slopes, 11.5km 700m+
24Hogarth Lakes Loop 5.2km, 90m
25Chester Lake 8.6km, 300m
26Chester Lake, Elephant Rocks, 3 Lakes Valley 13km, 550m
27James Walker Cr. AFAP
28French Creek to waterfalls: AFAP 6 km, 150 m
29Robertson Flats: 8 km., 100 m.
30Piggy Plus: 12.5 km, 500m
31Burstall Pass: 16 km, 500 m
32Col overlooking French Glacier plus Piggy Plus: 15 km, 700 m
33Black Prince - Warspite Lake: 5 km, 130m - Warspite Lake - option is to go to Rockslide (+2 km)
34Black Prince-Warspite Cascades: 7 km, 275 m.
35Black Prince Cirque: 10 km, 625 m - Hike to Black Prince Lake in a cirque below the north face of Mt. Warspite
36Black Prince-Warspite Col: 12 km, 800m - Warspite Col - steep hike