New – Updating Your Profile and Changing Password

Changing your password or updating your profile once logged in. If, after logging in you don’t see Howdy, Your Name, just click on the icon in the far top right. Then proceed as below.  If you hover the mouse over the Howdy, Your Name, in the upper right of the screen, you will see Edit Your Profile, and Log Out. … Read More

Barbecue 2019 Photos

Barbecue Pictures

Bus Fare reduced to $20 per trip.

Effective April 18, 2019 the bus fare has been reduced to $20 per trip. Fares for longer trips, past Lake Louise for example, will be $25. For trips into the national parks there will continue to be an extra $7 for the pass, unless you already have a park pass.

Alberta Hiking Association

We are now listed on the Alberta Hiking Association webpage. Here is a link to their web page and here is some information about AHA. About The AHA The Alberta Hiking Association (otherwise know as AHA) is primarily an umbrella organization for hiking clubs from across the province. AHA is a registered non-profit society and will provide a stronger … Read More

Winter Trail Locations

Winter Trail Locations have been created and can be used when setting up Trips this winter. To view them go to Members/Club Documents/A collection of files on how to do things on the web site/Winter Trail Locations.

Creating a new trail location

Trail Locations must be entered before they can be added to an Event. Here is how: Go to Dashboard Select Trail Locations, Add New Enter the Title There are several things that are optional: Adding a message or a short description. Adding the Map Location to mark the trail start (drop-off point). Add a map – can download it if … Read More

Keeping your hands warm and dry in the rain.

From Marilyn Hardie. I was asked to let others know about a trick I learned from a M.E.C. employee a couple of months ago. – A group had been hiking the Stanley Glacier at very cool temperatures when it started pouring. We all had on gloves but our hands got soaked and were pretty much frozen on the return trip. … Read More

How to upload a document to the web site.

Note that you first must have permission to do so. Open the Dashboard Select Club Document – Add New Enter a title for the Document Add File – (note that the file should be in pdf mode.) Find your file on your compute and drag it to the window on the web page. This will upload the file. Once the … Read More

Commenting on Trail Locations (hikes, snowshoeing, or skiing)

If you click on a Trail Location you will note that there is a section called comments. This section is there for people to add comments about a trail for future reference. An example would be to add a note about avalanche debris, trail changes, watching for obscure trail junctions, etc. Comments will be reviewed by the web administrator from … Read More

How to Edit an Event

Instructions on editing an existing event, including deleting Trail Locations, or creating new Trail Locations. Editing an Existing Event Please note that if you need to create new Trail Location do that before editing the Event. If you don’t have permission to create a Trail Location send the request to the Summer or Winter Trip Coordinators, or to the webmaster. … Read More