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Please note that outings and events are suspended due to the Covid 19 virus. You can still use this page to contact the club.

Are you 55 years or older and like to hike in the summer, or ski or snowshoe in the winter? Then consider coming on one of our outings. You can view all scheduled trips by selecting Trips, Events and Locations above. Our trips are every Thursday, usually by bus. A choice of at least 3 levels of hiking that vary in difficulty are offered on each summer trip. In the winter, our members walk, snowshoe, or cross country ski.
There are two bus pickup points; Rosemont Community Centre, 2807 10 St. NW, (normally at 8 a.m.) and the Montgomery Community Centre, SW corner of Home Road and 16th Ave. NW, (normally at 8:15 a.m.). The bus fare is $20 except for a few longer trips. For trips within the National Parks, there is an additional $7 fee unless you have an annual park pass.
Sounds interesting, then send us an email and we will be pleased to sign you up as a guest. After coming three times in a two month period as a guest, you will be eligible to apply to join our club.

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