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Please note that we are currently offering one bus trip a month, as well running trips for small group by car. If you are interested in joining us please use this page to contact the club.

The club welcomes any senior who is 55 years or older and is normally resident in the Calgary area. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we are only operating one bus trip each month. We are also offering trips by car for small groups. You can find the upcoming trips on the home page. For a complete list of upcoming trips check under Trips and Events.

Currently bus trips are limited to 30 people on a coach. If more than 30 people sign up for the bus trip we will consider adding an extra bus. There are restrictions such as wearing a mask during the trip that are explained in the description for each trip. These bus trips will offer several hikes to accommodate different levels of fitness. Please check the description on the web site to see the different hikes offered for each bus trip. A fare will be set for each trip.

The car trips are limited to one hike per trip and a maximum number of 10-15 people to enable social distancing. Each trip will offer one option for that day’s hike. Each hike will be identified as suitable for A, B, or C level hikers. The A’s are the faster hikers, B’s are intermediate, and C’s hike at a slower pace.

It will be each hiker’s responsibility to choose a suitable hike and to drive to the parking lot for a given hike. Normally more than one trip will be offered each Thursday. Each trip will go to a different destination that week. Having separate trips for each group will limit the number of parking spaces required at the trail head. There will be no cost to join these trips.

You can check the web site for the selections for each week. If you wish to sign up for a hike please use the contact form. Please note that guests will be sent a waiver form to sign.

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