1Lake Minnewanka Stewart Canyon, 11 km, 150m EG AFATP
2Ski Cascade Fire Road AFATP
3Ski Cascade Fire Road to Warden’s Cabin 30.2 KM
4Snowshoe Cascade Fire Road to Bridge 13 Km 150m EG Copy
5Ski Cascade Fire Road to Bridge 13 Km 150m EG
6Lower & Upper Bankhead/lower C-level trail viewpoint/Cascade Fire Road - AFATP 100 m+
7C Level Cirque - 8 km 455 m
8C Level Cirque towards Upper Viewpoint - 12km 700 m - some steep sections
9Cory Pass Trail to downstep and return, 7km 550m (steep) Copy
10Sunshine-Rock Isle, Grizzly,Laryx lakes and Monarch Viewpoint 9km 300m
11Sunshine Village to Parking via Monarch Viewpoint-Healy Meadows-Healy Creek 15.6km 350m/680m up/down
12Cory Pass and return - 13.6 km 1,100 m - steep
13Cory Pass/Gargoyle Valley/Edith Pass - 15 km 1,100 m - steady steep climb to Cory Pass
14Bow Hut, 16km 400, minor scramble
15Cascade Valley Ski 29 km, 200m
16Healy Pass from Sunshine Parking 19.4 km 665 m
17Sunshine Village to Healy Pass and down to Parking Lot 19.2 km 620 m
18Sunshine Village to Simpson Pass 11.2 km 480m Return
19Sunshine Village to Healy Pass 19.2km 620m Return
20Sunshine Village to Citadel Pass 17km 300m Return
21Sunshine Villlage-Rock Isle and Garden Paths Trail 8km 150m
22Bow Lake to Bow Glacier View Point or AFAP: 8 km, 90 m
23Bow Glacier Falls: 9.4 km, 100m
24Helen Lake: 12.2 km, 450 m
25Helen Lake & Cirque Peak: 19.2km, 1050m
26Helen Lake and ridge above lake: 14.4 km 550 m
27Johnson Lake to Cascade Ponds (5 km, 50 m)
28Johnson Lake circuit - 3 km, 25 m
29Lake Minnewanka Stewart Canyon, 5.4 km, minimal elevation change
30C Level Cirque/Upper Viewpoint - 12 km 700m - some very steep sections
31Lake Minnewanka Trail to campsite (16 km, 150 m)
32Lake Minnewanka parking lot to Aylmer Lookout (26 km, 840 m) - A hike only