1C Level Cirque/towards Upper Viewpoint - AFATP 600 m+- steep sections
2Lower & Upper Bankhead/lower C-level trail viewpoint/Cascade Fire Road - AFATP 100 m+
3C Level Cirque - 8 km 455 m
4C Level Cirque towards Upper Viewpoint - AFATP 600 m+- steep sections
5Cory Pass Trail to downstep and return, 7km 550m (steep) Copy
6Sunshine-Rock Isle, Grizzly,Laryx lakes and Monarch Viewpoint 9km 300m
7Sunshine Village to Parking via Monarch Viewpoint-Healy Meadows-Healy Creek 15.6km 350m/680m up/down
8Cory Pass and return - 13.6 km 1,100 m - steep
9Cory Pass/Gargoyle Valley/Edith Pass - 15 km 1,100 m - steady steep climb to Cory Pass
10Bow Hut, 16km 400, minor scramble
11Cascade Valley Ski 29 km, 200m
12Healy Pass from Sunshine Parking 19.4 km 665 m
13Sunshine Village to Simpson Pass 11.2 km 480m Return
14Sunshine Village to Healy Pass 19.2km 620m Return
15Sunshine Village to Citadel Pass 17km 300m Return
16Sunshine Villlage-Rock Isle and Garden Paths Trail 8km 150m
17Bow Lake to Bow Glacier View Point or AFAP: 8 km, 90 m
18Bow Glacier Falls: 9.4 km, 100m
19Helen Lake: 12 km, 422 m
20Helen Lake & Cirque Peak: 17 km, 1043m
21Helen Lake and ridge above lake: 14 km 550 m
22Johnson Lake to Cascade Ponds (5 km, 50 m)
23Johnson Lake circuit - 3 km, 25 m
24Lake Minnewanka Stewart Canyon, 5.4 km, minimal elevation change
25C Level Cirque/Upper Viewpoint - 12 km 700m - some very steep sections
26Lake Minnewanka Trail to campsite (16 km, 150 m)
27Lake Minnewanka parking lot to Aylmer Lookout (26 km, 840 m) - A hike only