1Banff: Sundance Loop from Cave and Basin, 10 km, 390m
2Banff - Sulphur Mountain Traverse from Cave and Basin: 14km, 950m
3Snowshoe Banff Springs Hotel to town via Spray River and Bow Falls 9.5km 150m
4Banff - Sulphur Mountain Traverse to Bus Depot - 18km 800m
5Ski Banff: Spray River East and return on Spray River West to Bow Falls 11km 90m
6Ski Banff: Spray River West and back on Spray River East to Hotel 11km 90m
7Ski Banff: Spray River West to Bridge and return to Hotel 20km 300m
8Ski Banff: Spray River East to Bridge and return to Bow Falls 20km 300m
9Snowshoe - Johnson Lake to Lake Minnewanka 10 km, 150 m
10Cave & Basin, Marsh Loop and Boardwalk, and back to Train Station via Foot Bridge & River Path, 7.5 km, 50 m
11Banff Town Walks from Fenland Rec Centre (Fenland loop plus) 6+km, 50m - Banff Town Walks from Central Park
12Elbow Falls to Station Flats 10km, 250m
13Banff - Sulphur Mountain Traverse to Cave and Basin: 14 km, 800 m.
14Banff - Walk Bow Falls to Bus Depot, (Plus Fenland / Marsh Loops): 6 km, 25 m
15Snowshoe Banff - Spray River East 12 km, 135m
16Ski Banff: - Spray River West 12 km, 105m
17Banff - Bus Depot, Cave and Basin (Lunch-Bring P Pass), Bow Falls, Depot 10 km, 70 m
18Banff, Marsh Loop and Boardwalk, Cave and Basin, from the Bus Depot 10 km, 70 m
19Banff, Cave and Basin, Bow Falls from Bus Depot 10 km, 70 m
20Banff - Town walks from Bus Depot
21Banff - Hodoos from the Bus Depot 13 km, 100 m - Bus Station to Surprise Corner, Surprise Corner to Hoodoo Interpretive Trail
22Banff Bus Depot to Bow Falls 6 km, 25 m
23Banff: Sundance Canyon, 7.4 km, 75 m - Sundance Canyon from the Cave and Basin
24Banff - Spray River Circuit, 12 km, 400 m - Walk up one side of Spray River and back on the other side.
25BanffSprings/BowFalls/TunnelMtn/town 8.5km, 350m
26Banff - Sulphur Mountain Trail-up and back : 13 km, 750 m. - Hike up Sulphur Mountain under the Gondola