Winter trails in PLPP for walking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

PLPP Snowshoe and Ski Trails as of Dec 2018

PLPP Ski Trails Map

Note that there are new SS trails as of winter 2028/19. Frozen Toad and Torpor Loops in the south and Tailwater Loop from the Penstock Loop to Pocatera in the north.

PLPP North End Winter Trails as of Dec 2018

PLPP Winter Trails South End as of Dec 2018

1Ski - WWL area then to Pocaterra Hut 8 km
2Ski - WWL via Whiskeyjack to Pocaterra Hut 16 km
3Ski - WWL via Lynx to Pocaterra Hut 11 km
4Ski - Upper Lake to Elk Pass, Pocaterra, Lynx to WWL 23 km, 400 m
5Snowshoe from WWL to Pocaterra via Marsh Loop, Lower Lake trail, Penstock Loop, Tailwater 9km, 100m
6Ski - Discovery Centre on a Variety of Trails - 20km
7Snowshoe Frozen Toad Loop from and return to WWL 12 km 250 m
8Snowshoe From Upper Lake to WWL via Torpor and Frozen Toad 10 km, 300 m
9Snowshoe From WWL to the Discovery Centre via Lower Lake, Penstock Loop and Canyon Trails, 10 km 200m
10Ski - Upper Lake to Elk Pass, then ski to WWL via Moraine and Wheeler 18 km - Option to go up Blueberry hill instead of Elk Pass - about 22 km
11Snowshoe Torpor / Frozen Toad Loops 9km - Upper Lake to Wm Watson Lodge
12Ski - WWL to Wheeler and Amos 12 km return
13Ski - Upper Lake toElk Pass, Hydroline (17km, 300m) return - Add 6.4km, 175m up Blueberry hill for strong skiers
14Ski - Upper Lake, Blueberry Hill and Elk Pass 25 Km, 500 m - Ski from Elk Pass parking
15Ski from Bolton over Lynx to Pocatera, return via Discovery Centre to Bolton, 16 km, 300m
16Ski from Discovery Centre on variety of trails, 10 km
17Ski - Pocaterra Hut, Sinclair, Lodgepole, Braille and back to Pocaterra Hut 8 km
18Ski Lessons AM & PM Pocaterra
19Ski - Upper Lake via Elk Pass to Pocaterra Hut 23 km, 400 m
20Ski Lessons Afternoon
21Ski from Upper Kananaskis Lake to WWL 10 km, 150 m
22Ski - Upper Lake, Moraine, Amos, Wooley to Discovery Centre 14 km
23Snowshoe from Upper Lake P/L To the Discovery Centre 16 KM, 400 m
24Snowshoe from the Upper Lake Parking Lot to Elk Pass and back to the Upper Lake Parking Lot, 13 km rtn.,450 m
25Snowshoe Marl Lake 5 km 50 m & others
26Snowshoe Elk P/L To WWL & Pocaterra
27Ski Lessons Morning
28Snowshoe from WWL to Pocatera Hut
29Snowshoe WWL to Marl Lake, lunch WWL, Marsh Loop to WWL
30Ski from and return to the Discovery Centre
31Snowshoe from the DC to WWL via Canyon, Lower Lake Trail, Marsh Loop 5.5 KM, 100m
32Snowshoe from Discovery Centre to Pocatera
33Snowshoe PL Visitor Centre, Canyon, Penstock to Pocaterra
34Snowshoe Rawson Lake Everest trail: 12.5km, 400m
35Snowshoe Marl Lake 5 km 50 m
36Snowshoe PL Visitor Centre 6.3 km, 70m & to Pocaterra 2km
37Snowshoe from WWL to Pocaterra via Lower Lake trail, Penstock Loop, Tailwater 11km, 100m
38Snowshoe from WWL to Pocaterra Hut via Lower Lake Trail, High Rockies Trail (AFATP),Penstock, and Tailwater, about 15 km, 250m
39Snowshoe from William Watson Lodge
40Ski, snowshoe or walk from WWL
41Snowshoe Rawson Lake: 10 km, 360 m
42Ski, snowshoe from William Watson Lodge
43William Watson Lodge - snowshoe or walk
44Ski - from WWL - Ski from the lodge on some combination of trails.
45Snowshoe from Elk Pass