Includes all trail heads along Hwy 66 (Elbow Trail) and from West Bragg Creek

1Powderface Ridge 14.8km 700m
2West Bragg: Mountain Road afatp
3Snowshoe: West Bragg: Snowy Owl Loop- E Crystal to P/L, 5 Km, 50 m
4Ski: West Bragg: Mid Crystal, Logger's Loop, E. Crystal, 7 km, 120 m
5Snowshoe: West Bragg: Snowy Owl- Strange Brew-Boundary Ridge, 9.0 Km, 185 m
6Ski: West Bragg: Crystal Loops 7.0 km, 45 m EG
7Snowshoe: West Bragg: Ranger Summit & return 8.5 km 310 m
8Snowshoe: West Bragg: Ranger Summit, Strange Brew, Boundary Ridge 12.0 km 430 m
9Walk / Snowshoe: Bragg Creek Banded Peak Loop 8.2 km, 100 m EG
10West Bragg: Snowshoe Hare, Demi Tel, Long Distance 8.2 km 310 m
11Ski: West Bragg: Moose Loop via Mid Crystal & Connector, 10.8 km, 120 m
12West Bragg: Snowy Owl to Ranger, 7.1 Km, 185 m
13West Bragg: Hostel Meadows, 4.7 Km, 145 m
14West Bragg: Bragging Rights/Merlin View 13.4 Km, 265 m
15West Bragg: Telephone Loop, 15 km, 500m
16West Bragg: Snowshoe Hare 11 km 250m
17West Bragg-Braggin Rights, Telephone Loop, Long Distance 19km 600m
18Prairie Creek "lookout" / Beaver Falls / Elbow Falls 7km 125m
19Powderface/Prairie Creek Loop 11km 210m
20Powderface Creek (from east) 14km 500m
21Vents Ridge 6km 300m steep with loose rock
22Nihahi Ridge Viewpoint 8km 450m
23West Bragg: Snowshoe Hare 7km 150m
24West Bragg-Merlin View, Long Distance 15km 600m
25West Bragg:Boundary Ridge-Strange Brew-Ranger Summit 8.5km 350m
26Bragg Creek West
27Wildhorse Trail 378m - AFATP
28Little Elbow Trail to former blue bridge 10km 75m
29Big Elbow Trail to lookout, 7km 50m
30Nihahi Ridge - South Summit 11km 750m (minor scramble)
31Forgetmenot Ridge, 13.2km 762m