Hikes that start from hwy 40 in Kananaskis PP, excluding those in the Highwood Pass area and Kananaskis Village/Ribbon Creek area. Some trails/trail heads may have changed since the 2013 floods.  Please check kananaskistrails.com for most current information.

1Wasootch Ridge (AFATP), steep, some exposure 11km 760m
2Wasootch Creek (AFATP) 13 km 370 m
3Snowshoe Ribbon Creek, Kovach and Terrace Loop 5.6km 226m - not an option during ski season
4Evan-Thomas Creek/Green Monster loop 11km, 500m
5Barrier Lake Forestry Eco Trails and TransCanada Trail 8km, 200 m - Approx. 8 km and 200 m elevation gain
6Barrier Lake - Prairie View Mtn. 10 km 490m
7Evan Thomas Waterfall Loop 10km 400m
8King Creek Ridge 7km 730m
9Opal Ridge 7.3km 1,000m
10Porcupine Ridge 9km 700m (creek, scramble)
11Lillian Lake 11.2.Km 480m
12Jewell Pass trail to Jewell Falls 10km, 240m
13Stoney Trail to Jewell Bay campground 7.4 km 50m
14Jewell Pass - Prairie View Loop (Incl. Barrier Lookout) 16km 630m
15Prairie View Trail to a lovely viewpoint 10km, 450m
16Wasootch Ridge (2nd Cairn), 11km 760m
17Lineham Ridge (to the 'post') - 14km, 710+m
18Wasootch Creek 12.9km 368m
19Wasootch Ridge & peak, 13km 900m (steep, exposure)
20Picklejar Lakes Trail
21Picklejar Lakes - 1st or 2nd lake; -8km 500m
22Picklejar Lakes - all 4 lakes, 12km 570m
23Barrier Lake to Jewel Falls: 8km and 200m
24Barrier Lookout. 12 km 600m - Approximately 15 km, 700 m elevation gain.  Loop trail
25Prairie View Trail to Barrier Lookout 12.1 km, 650 m (stopping at highpoint 11 km, 500 m)