Notes from 2019:

Suggest leaving 30 minutes early for this long trip.

Only need 4 hours for the Wilcox Pass/Tangle Creek option. Set a time for people to be leaving Wilcox Pass for Tangle Creek. This will stop hikers who struggle up the pass from trying to go further. Consider adding an option for Wilcox Pass which includes going west up the ridge. This adds 45-60 minutes to the trip up and back to the pass.

Bus Coordinator: Greg McKenzie,, 403-286-3547

Bus leaves Rosemont at 8 and Montgomery at 8:15

Bus Fare will be $25 plus $7 if you don’t have a Park Pass.

BB Lake Louise Visitor Centre.

Drop-offs at Nigel Pass Parking and Wilcox Pass Parking. After the drop-off at Wilcox Creek the bus will proceed to the Visitor Centre. Nigel Pass will require a minimum of 4 people. 

Pickup times will be set after we get to the Icefield,

The hiking time for the Wilcox/ Tangle Falls traverse trip will be 4 hours. This time allows A and B1 hikers plenty of time to complete the traverse.

The weather forecast is for temperatures between 5 and 10 C with sunny and cloudy periods.

Because of the travel times to and from the Icefields we will be returning to Calgary after 8PM.

Here is a link to a great brochure from Parks Canada about the Icefields – Columbia Icefield – Ice Apex of the Canadian Rockies

1AIce F - Nigel Pass, 14 km and 300 m - Hike to Nigel Pass and the Brazeau River.
2A/B1Ice F - Wilcox Pass to Tangle Creek 12 km, 370m - 12 Km and 370 m gain - Beautiful views of the Athabaska Glacier and surrounds at Wilcox Pass
3B2Ice F -Wilcox Pass 8 km 390 m - A moderate hike to the pass, some of the best views in the Rockies
4CIce F - Wilcox Pass AFAP (2.4 km ret to first VP, 8 km ret. to pass) - Hike on the Wilcox Pass Trail as far as desired.
Day Leader: Eric Leavitt

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Columbia Icefields Aug 15,2019

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