28 Sep 2023

5.5 hours hiking

Day Leader – Jane Ebbern

Bus Coordinator: Carolyn Ardell ardell5@telusplanet.net  403-660-1825

Bus Fare $25  plus $10  if you don’t have a National Park Pass.

Good news! We have secured a second bus for this week, so we have capacity for up to 110 people! You are encouraged to invite friends, people from other hiking clubs you belong to, etc. to come as guests for this opportunity to get to Moraine Lake!

Bus pick up is at Montgomery Community Centre Parking Lot. Bus departs from Montgomery at 8:00 am sharp.

Limit of 110 people for the buses – priority will be given to Evergreens Members over guests.

There is NO opportunity to self-drive for this hike due to parking restrictions at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

BB (jiffy break)– at Lake Louise visitor centre or Lake Louise Parking Lot

Dropoffs at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake; Pickups at Moraine Lake and Paradise Valley parking

Opportunity for beverage at cafe at Moraine Lake after the hike

Will allow approx. 5.5 hours hiking time. Return to Calgary may be after 6pm.

Expect to see larches starting to turn yellow!

Bear spray MUST be stored under the bus, preferably labelled. There is a box for Bear Spray in BOTH of the buses. One is green and the other is black. BOTH are labeled.

Please ensure you choose an activity option before pressing ‘Register’. Click on the Location below to get more details of the hike and a link to a trail map.

Hiking options will be offered for all hiking levels that have a leader and at least 3 other participants. Please contact Day Leader to volunteer or to request a specific hike in the area.

Potential Hike options, subject to change:

A/B1 – Saddleback, Sheol Valley, Paradise Valley 12km 650m

B1– Larch Valley & Sentinel Pass 12km 730m

B2 – Eiffel Lake (Valley of the 10 Peaks) 12km 500m

B2 – Larch Valley 9km 540m

C – Consolation Lakes 5.8km 150m

1A, B1Saddleback,Sheol Valley,Paradise Valley 12km 650m
2B1Larch Valley & Sentinel Pass, 12km 800m
3B2Eiffel Lake (Valley of 10 Peaks), 12.2km 625m
4B2Larch Valley, Minnestima Lake 9.5km 630m
5CConsolation Lakes 5.8km 150m
Day Leader: Jane Ebbern

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Moraine Lake area Larch Season! 2 buses

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