This event is for C+ and C level hikers.  Limit of 20 participants.

Participants to drive themselves to meet at Middle Lake parking at Bow Valley Provincial Park.  Get there in time to start hiking at 10:00 am.  There are limited biffies open, so you may wish to use the facilities at the park Visitor Centre before proceeding to Middle Lake parking. Once at Middle Lake parking, the group will be split with half going with Art and the other half led by Colin Johnston; one of the groups will drive to the Many Springs parking at the west end of the park and start the hike there. We are making this change so we can accommodate all the Evergreens who want to go on this nice hike!

Our hikes will align with Alberta Health COVID-19 recommendations, which change occasionally, but can be found at: ; Alberta Parks Guidance related COVID-19 can be found at:

Day Leader: Art Johnston

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Bow Valley Provincial Park – C+/C level Car Hike – 2 groups

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