This event is for B1 and B2 level hikers. Limit of 15 participants as parking lot is large.

Participants to drive themselves to Dawson Parking on Powderface Road, in the Sibbald area.  Get there in time to start hiking at 9:30 am. 

Approx. 14km, 780m climb.  Will go up and back the same way.  Should be lots of flowers!

May have to step aside for some bikes as the route is popular with cyclists.  Expect to be on the trail about 5 hours.

Bring radio and bear spray if you have them. Watch out for potholes on the gravel part of Sibbald Trail and Powderface Trail!

Our hikes will align with Alberta Health COVID-19 recommendations, which change occasionally, but can be found at: ; Alberta Parks Guidance related COVID-19 can be found at:

1B1, B2Cox Hill - 14km 780m
Day Leader: Jill Johnston

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Cox Hill – B1/B2 Level Hike

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