This event is for B1 and B2 level hikers.  Limit of 20 participants.

Participants to drive themselves to Lake Minnewanka Parking, approx. 1hr 20min from Montgomery.  Get there in time to start hiking at 10:00 am.  Meet by the washrooms at the entrance to the parking area.

Will hike along Lake Minnewanka to campsite and back. Beautiful views

Approx. 16km return 150m climb.

Bring radio, bear spray and park pass if you have them.

Our hikes will align with Alberta Health COVID-19 recommendations, which change occasionally, but can be found at: ; Alberta Parks Guidance related COVID-19 can be found at:

Photos from Evergreens hike from April 2015!AjKNyPhgmDW9jKQrYDgg4496RUh2UQ?e=XVq6Xi


1B1, B2Lake Minnewanka Trail to campsite (16 km, 150 m)
Day Leader: Erlinda Howard

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Lake Minnewanka – B1/B2 level hike (2 groups)

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