This event is for A and B1 level hikers.  Limit of 10 participants.

Participants to drive themselves to trailhead on Mount Shark Road., about 2 hours’ drive from Montgomery.  Get there by 9:15, in time to start hiking at 9:30 am. Early start due to limited parking.  There is no biffy at the trailhead – closest at Chester parking on Smith-Dorrien Road.

To get to trailhead: Highway 1 to Highway 40 and highway 742 (Smith-Dorrien) to Mount Shark road (Watch for Mount Engadine Lodge signage for the road to take) trail head access is 2 Km on Mount Shark Rd; parking on right-hand side of road.

Approx. 10km, 823m climb.  There is some scrambling required.

Great views along horseshoe-shaped ridge.

Bring radio and bear spray if you have them.

Our hikes will align with Alberta Health COVID-19 recommendations, which change occasionally, but can be found at: ; Alberta Parks Guidance related COVID-19 can be found at:

1A, B1Tent Ridge Horseshoe 10km, 823m
Day Leader: Barb Brunton

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Tent Ridge Horseshoe – A/B1 level hike

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