Day Leader: Greg McKenzie

Bus Coordinator: Harold Kroeger,, 306-251-1533

Bus pick up is at Montgomery Community Centre Parking Lot.  Bus departs from Montgomery at 8:00 am sharp.

5.0 Hours Hiking Time

Biffy break, At the trailhead

Bear Spray and hiking poles MUST be stored under the bus, preferably labelled. There is a box for Bear Spray in one of the bins.


1. A – the Traverse is cancelled due to trail conditions. Instead, the A hikers and fast B1 hikers will go up the East Ridge, through the chimney and hope to get to the top of the nearest cliff face. If time allows they may proceed a little further but not as far as the chains. Steve will lead this group of three, plus faster B1 hikers who can join him.

2. B1 – As for the A hikers, this group will proceed to the East Ridge. Some of the group will go through the chimney and up to the Cliff face. Greg will lead this group.  Other B1 hikers not as comfortable with the chimney scramble, will turn around at that point and maybe hike east out onto the shoulder to take in the views there. Phyllis will lead that group.

3.B2 Middle Lake – There are three groups. Gary will lead the faster hikers. Glenn Schultz will lead a more leisurely group of hikers. Cheryl Campbell will lead the flower power group that will stop lots for flower identification, picture taking and admiration.

4. B2/C Middle Lake – Lucia know her flowers and will lead this group. 





1AYamnuska Traverse around backside (9 km, 925m) or Circuit (9.5 km, 900m)
2B1,B2Yamnuska East Ridge, 8.4 km 540m
3B2,CBow Valley PP Hiking from Middle Lake: 8.7 km, 156 m - V3-23
4B2,CBow Valley PP, Middle Lake to Bow River, 7.0 km, 75 m - V3-23
Day Leader: Greg McKenzie

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Bow Valley PP / Yamnuska

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