Due to popularity of this destination, a second bus is being added, so we an have a maximum of 60 people between the 2 buses.

Bus Fare $30, plus $7 if you don’t have a Park Pass.

Bus departing from Montgomery only at 8:00 AM

Limit of 30 people – priority will be given to Evergreens Members over guests.

BB: Lake Louise Visitor Centre

Bus dropoff/pickups: Moraine Lake

5 1/2 hours hiking time allowed

Late return time – approx. 6 pm

Our hikes will align with Alberta Health COVID-19 recommendations, which change occasionally, but can be found at: https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx ; Alberta Parks Guidance related COVID-19 can be found at: https://albertaparks.ca/albertaparksca/news-events/response-to-covid-19/

Proposed hikes listed below – contact Barb Brunton if you would like a different option.  People will indicate which hike they want to go once they are on the bus on by a show of hands.

Charter Bus Procedures  –       COVID-19 Protocol 

  1. Passenger name, address, and phone number will be shared with Universal Bus lines to facilitate later contact tracing if necessary. Information will be destroyed after 14 days.
  1. By registering for the trip on-line, you are agreeing to abide by the Evergreen Club Policies and Safety procedures. Sign in sheets will not be passed around.
  1. Masks to be worn throughout the time inside the bus. Masks to cover both nose and mouth. Exception is when being careful while taking a drink or eating a snack.
  1. Two metre physical distancing to be maintained wherever possible. (Physical distancing does not apply to members of the same household). This includes while boarding and disembarking.
  1. Passengers are expected to enter, exit and manage their own belongings inside and outside the bus without engaging the driver.
  1. Passengers are to deposit and retrieve their own gear from the vehicle’s baggage bins being very careful of physical distancing requirements. Good idea to have poles etc. labeled.
  1. Passengers will occupy seats starting from the back and ending at the front. People who have motion sickness and need seats closer to the front are to advice the trip leader a few days in advance. 
  1. The driver is required to wear a mask and gloves when engaging passengers outside of the bus. 
  1. The driver must be the last person to board the bus and then the first person to disembark from the bus on arrival at the destination.
  1. Passengers must use the same seat throughout the trip both going to and from the destination.
  1. Passengers are to remain in their seats at all times except for the Trip Leader.
  1. Bus washroom is not available except for emergency use. A washroom stop will be made enroute at a visitor centre.
  1. Passengers to bring their own masks, gloves (if desired), tissues, and hand sanitizer.
  1. There is no trash disposal bin on the bus. Passengers to take home their own trash and dispose of it safely at home.
  1. Disembarking starts from the front seats followed by the next rows in turn.
  1. Nothing to be passed around on the bus which means no binders with maps, no sign in sheets, no cards nor treats etc.
  1. Bus fare will be collected by the Day Leader coming down the aisle with a bag Each passenger will place their fare in the bag. No change will be given, so please bring the exact amount ($30 with a Park Pass, $37 without a Park Pass). Cheques for $30 or $37 are welcome.
  1. Bring your own radio and bear spray if you have them. Club radios not available.
  1. Stay home if you are not feeling well or have any COVID-19 symptoms, or might be at risk in any other way.


1A afatpEiffel Lake & Wenkchemna Pass, 20km 700m
2B2, B1Eiffel Lake (Valley of 10 Peaks), 12km 500m
3B1Larch Valley & Sentinel Pass, 12km 730m
4B2Larch Valley, 9km 540m
5CConsolation Lakes 5.8km 150m

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** BUS TRIP ** #1 Moraine Lake Sept. 24, 2020

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