Bus Coordinator Gary Kerr – gwkerr@mac.com or 403 891 0294
Bus pickup times: Rosemont 8:00 am, Montgomery 8:15 am
Bus Fare: $20

There will be bus drop-offs/pickups at Pocatera Hut, William Watson Lodge and Elk Pass.

BB will be at William Watson Lodge or Pocatera Hut if getting off there for the 10:30 Ski Lessons.


Pickup Times will be 3:00 PM at WWL and 3:15 at Pocatera Hut.


1Pocatera Hut Beginner (10AM) or Tune - Up (12:45) Ski Lessons
2A,BWinter PLPP Elk P/L - Snowshoe To WWL & Pocaterra
3B2, CWinter PLPP - William Watson Lodge - snowshoe or walk
4A, B1Winter PLPP Ski from Elk P/L Pass Area to WWL
5B2, CWinter PLPP Ski from and return to WWL
Day Leader: Bernard Nemeth

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Peter Lougheed PP

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