Bus Coordinator Gary Kerr – gwkerr@mac.com or 403 891 0294
Bus pickup times: Rosemont 8:00 am, Montgomery 8:15 am
Bus Fare: $20 

A Winter Trip to PLPP with a drop-off for snowshoers and walkers at Kananaskis Village before we continue to the Discovery Centre in PLPP.

WWL is not available so we will be based at the Discovery Centre. People can ski or snowshoe from the Discovery Center. The less challenging skiing from the DC is to use Braille to head south to Elkwood and beyond.

There will be a drop-off at Elk Pass. Skiers will have the choice of skiing over Elk Pass to Pocatera or the Discovery Centre or skiing back to the DC on Moraine, Amos or Wheeler, and Braille.


Pickups at the Discovery Centre, Pocatera Hut, and Kananaskis Village. Times will be set on the bus.

Please note that it is not possible to snowshoe from the DC to Pocatera Hut on Tailwater as it is currently closed due to flooding.

Weather forecast is for flurries and highs of -1C at KV and -4C in PLPP.

Please check your choice of outing on the form beside your name.

1A,B1Winter PLPP - Ski from Elk Pass to the Discovery Centre or Pocatera Hut, 23 km, 400m
2BWinter PLPP - Ski from Elk Pass Parking to the Discovery Centre 11 km, 50 m
3B,CWinter PLPP Ski from and return to the Discovery Centre
4AWinter PLPP - Snowshoe from Elk Pass P/L To Discovery Centre 15 KM
5B,CWinter PLPP - Snowshoe from Discovery Centre back to the DC via Canyon and Penstock loop, 8 km
6B,CKananaskis Village Snowshoeing or Walking, various options
Day Leader: Eric Leavitt

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PLPP – Discovery Centre With Drop-off at Kananaskis Village

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