Bus Coordinator Gary Kerr – gwkerr@mac.com or 403 891 0294
Bus pickup times: Rosemont 8:00 am, Montgomery 8:15 am
BB at Bragg Creek Community Centre
Bus Fare: $20 plus $7 if the trip is into the National Parks and no park pass.

1AWest Bragg-Braggin Rights, Telephone Loop, Long Distance 19km 600m
2B1West Bragg: Telephone Loop, 15 km, 500m
3B2West Bragg: Snowshoe Hare, Demi Tel, Long Distance 8.2 km 310 m
4CWest Bragg: Hostel Meadows, 4.7 Km, 145 m
5CWalk / Snowshoe: Bragg Creek Banded Peak Loop 8.2 km, 100 m EG
Day Leader: Dane Bridge

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West Bragg Creek

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