Bus Coordinator: Greg McKenzie, ggmckenzie@shaw.ca, 403-286-3547.

Bus Fare $20 plus $7 for park entrance, if you do not have a Park Pass.

Bus departing from Rosemont at 8:00, and Montgomery at 8:15 AM.

BB: Canmore Information Center.

Bus dropoff/pickups: Fireside Picnic Site turnoff and Upper Bankhead; bus stays at Upper Bankhead.

5.5 hours hiking time for Corey/Edith Pass; 5 hours for C-Level Cirque.

Bring lots of water if you are planning to do one of the steep hikes.

NB: “C” hikers bring your park Discovery Pass with you as there is the potential to join a Parks Canada led interpretive walk through Lower Bankhead between 11:00 – 12:00.  The walk is free with your Discovery Pass.

1ACory Pass/Gargoyle Valley/Edith Pass - 15 km 1,100 m - steady steep climb to Cory Pass
2B1+Cory Pass and return - 13.6 km 1,100 m - steep
3B1C Level Cirque/Upper Viewpoint - 12 km 700m - some very steep sections
4B1.5C Level Cirque/towards Upper Viewpoint - AFATP 600 m+- steep sections
5B2C Level Cirque - 8 km 455 m
6CLower & Upper Bankhead/lower C-level trail viewpoint/Cascade Fire Road - AFATP 100 m+
Day Leader: Steve Whittingham

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Cory/ Edith Pass, C-Level Cirque and Bankhead, 5.5 hrs

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