Day Leader – Kyra Fisher 403-466-2089

NB I will be the alternate Day Leader for this coming trip. I would VERY MUCH appreciate having volunteers to be Group Leaders! Perhaps some of you who have not volunteered in this capacity would consider doing so. Thank you!

Bus Coordinator:  Carolyn Ardell  403-660-1825

Will allow approx. 5 hours hiking time.

Note: B1, B2, C for will be dropped off at Spencer Creek trailhead; bus will stay at Sparrowhawk Day Use so ALL hikers will return there after the hike.

Bus pick up is at Montgomery Community Centre Parking Lot.  Bus departs from Montgomery at 8:00 am sharp.

Bus dropoff: Spencer Creek trailhead, Sparrowhawk Day Use. Pickup at Sparrowhawk Day Use ONLY.

Biffy Break – Mt. Kidd campground

Bus Fare $25. Bus cancelled if less than 40 registered on Bus. Cancellations after 6 pm on Tuesday will be NO-SHOWS and will have to pay the Bus Fare.

Hiking options will be offered for all hiking levels that have a leader and at least 3 other participants. Please contact the Day Leader to volunteer to lead a hike or to request a specific hike in the area.

Bear Spray and hiking poles MUST be stored under the bus, preferably labelled. There is a box for Bear Spray in one of the bins.

If you wish to join the outing, but drive yourself to the trailhead, please register with your choice of activity AND email the bus coordinator to ask them to move you to the ‘Car’ list.

Please ensure you choose an activity option before pressing ‘Register’. Click on the Location below to get more details of the hike and a link to a trail



NB Please note that  the C hike,  from SPENCER CREEK to VIEWPOINT ret. via HRT to Sparrowhawk proved to be particularly challenging  due to the rough terrain – loose footing on steep terrain, with steep drop-offs

RECOMMENDED for future C hikes: The HIGH ROCKIES TRAIL from SPARROWHAWK towards SPENCER CREEK , 6 km, 200 m

August 15, 2023

1ASparrowhawk Tarns 13 km, 750 m
2B1Spencer Creek to scree slopes return via HRT to Sparrowhawk 11.5km 700m
3B2Spencer Creek return to Sparrowhawk via HRT 10km 600m
4CSpencer Creek to Viewpoint, ret. via HRT to Sparrowhawk, 6.5km 250m
Day Leader: Kyra Fisher

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Spencer Creek / Sparrowhawk Tarns

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