*Destination changed due to weather forecast*

Bus Coordinator: Greg McKenzie, ggmckenzie@shaw.ca, 403-286-3547

Bus Fare $20

Bus departing from Rosemont at 8AM, and Montgomery at 8:15.

BB & Pickup: Bragg Creek Community Centre

Bus dropoff/pickups: Powderface Parking Lot, Elbow Falls Parking

Bus will stay at Elbow Falls Parking

** 4 hour hiking time ** with short drive – return well before 5pm

1A, B1Vents Ridge 6km 300m steep with loose rock
2B1, B2 (AFATP)Powderface Creek (from east) 14km 500m
3B2Powderface/Prairie Creek Loop 11km 210m
4CPrairie Creek "lookout" / Beaver Falls / Elbow Falls 7km 125m
Day Leader: Nardi Meden

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Elbow Falls area)

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