Day Leader – Barb Brunton-Johnstone

Will allow approx. 4.5 hours hiking time.

Hiking options will be offered for all hiking levels that have a leader and at least 3 other participants. Please contact Day Leader to volunteer to lead a hike or to request a specific hike in the area.

COVID Protocol

  • All people participating in the outing must be fully vaccinated. Stay home if you are not feeling well or have any COVID like symptoms. If you test positive for Covid after a bus trip, inform the Bus Coordinator who will ensure Club Members and all people on the bus are notified (without giving your name).

Please ensure you choose an activity option before pressing ‘Register’. Click on the Location below to get more details of the hike and a link to a trail map.



Participants to drive themselves to the trailhead at the junction of Hwy 66 and Powderface Trail (end of pavement on Hwy 66).  Park on the shoulder of Hwy 66 immediately before the pavement ends. If this parking area is full, a parking lot is available 200m towards the Little Elbow Recreational area on the left side.


1A, B1Powderface Ridge10km 640m
2B1, B2Powderface/Prairie Creek Loop 13.5km 370m
3B2, C AFATPLittle Elbow Trail to former blue bridge 10km 75m
Day Leader: Barb Brunton-Johnstone

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