TRIP CANCELLED (low attendance; poor weather forecast)

Bus Coordinator: Greg McKenzie,, 403-286-3547

Bus Fare $20

Bus departing from Rosemont at 8AM, and Montgomery at 8:15.

BB: Mt. Kidd

Bus dropoffs: Mt. Lipsett trailhead, Highwood Pass

Bus pickups: Highwood Pass, Mt. Lipsett trailhead, Hwy 40 4.5km north of Mt. Lipsett trailhead

1AMt. Lipsett Horseshoe, 10km 800m (some bushwhacking)
2B1Mt. Lipsett, 14km 720m
3B2Mt. Lipsett, AFATP
4CPtarmigan Cirque, 5km 230m
Day Leader: Peter Kubica

Event Signup

Mt. Lipsett / Highwood Pass area – 5.5 hrs CANCELLED

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