Bus Coordinator John Morck – mjmorck@shaw.ca or (403) 288-4048
Bus pickup times: Bus #1 – Rosemont 8:00 am, Montgomery 8:15 am; Bus #2 – Montgomery 7:45 am 
Bus Fare: $20 plus $7 if the trip is into the National Parks and no park pass.

All trips will have option of viewing Ice Sculptures before proceeding on designated trip depending on group and decision of group and group leader. IMPORTANT: Refer to email sent to all registrants.

1ALL - Ski P/L via Peyto to Great Divide 20 to 30 Km return
2B1LL - Ski Fairview, Moraine Lake Rd, Tramline 17 km return, 250 m
3B2 / CLL - Ski Tramline to Village (+ Bow River Loop)~11 KM
4A / B1LL Snowshoe to Mirror Lake & Village 10 km 295 m
5B2 / C+LL. Snowshoe Tr #26 and return to Chateau 1.1km; Wolverine #27, Louise Creek to Village 8 km, 50m
6CLL Walk along Shore & down Louise Creek to Village 4 km, -190m
7CSnowshoe or walk around Chateau Area
Day Leader: Glen Campbell

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Lake Louise 23 Jan 2020 Ice Sculptures

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