The trip destination will be William Watson Lodge. Due to very low temperatures forecast, all activities will be based out of William Watson Lodge. There will be no drop off or pickup south of WWL.

Bus Coordinator John Morck – or (403) 288-4048
Bus pickup times: Rosemont 8:00 am, Montgomery 8:15 am
Bus Fare: $20 plus $7 if the trip is into the National Parks and no park pass.

1A, BWWL Ski Wheeler to Whiskey Jack to Pocaterra to Lynx and back to WWL or Pocaterra Hut
2B2, CWinter PLPP Ski from and return to WWL
3A, BWinter PLPP: WWL - Snowshoe Penstock, Pocaterra 9.2 km, 120 m EG
4B2, CWinter PLPP - snowshoe WWL to Marl Lake, lunch WWL, Marsh Loop to WWL
5B, CWinter PLPP: WWL - Walk Marl Lake 5 km 50 m EG & others
Day Leader: Keith Bagnall

Event Signup

Kananaskis WWL 16 Jan 2020 – CANCELLED

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