Bus Coordinator Gary Kerr – gwkerr@mac.com or 403 891 0294
Bus pickup times: Rosemont 8:00 am, Montgomery 8:15 am
Bus Fare: $20 plus $7 if the trip is into the National Parks and no park pass.

Weather Forecast Nakiska Thursday -5 deg, Flurries Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday
BB depends on Drop-off (Nakiska &/or Kananaskis Village).
Details of possible ski or snowshoeing to be added. If you have suggestions, pls contact Hugh Powell

1ASki Skogan Pass from Ribbon Cr, 20 km, 620m (from Nakiska 17.5km, 580m)
2B, CKananaskis Village - Skiing Aspen, Kovach, Terrace ATP
3ASnowshoe Hummingbird Plume from Ribbon Cr: 13.7km, 445 m
4BTroll Falls-Ribbon Cr P/L-Kan Village, 8.5km 150m
5B, CKananaskis Village Snowshoeing Terrace Trail AFATP
6CKananaskis Village - various hikes
Day Leader: Cheryl Whitehead

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Kananaskis Village / Nakiska 02 Jan 2020

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