5.5 hrs hiking time at Buller, 6.5 hrs for A’s on traverse – 1 hour drive from Buller to Galatea – 

Day Leader: Gerrit Voordouw
Bus Coordinator:  Carolyn Ardell – ardell5@telusplanet.net  403-660-1825
Bus Fare is $25 plus $10 for trips into the National  Park, if you don’t have a National
Park Pass.
Bus departs from the Montgomery Community Centre Parking Lot at 8:00 am
Biffy Break – Insert Here
Drop-offs – Insert Here
Pickup points – Insert Here
Please check the weather forecast to ensure you are dressed appropriately!
Registration begins at 6:00 PM on the Thursday preceding the trip and ends at 6:00pm
on the Tuesday before the trip. Cancellations after 6 pm on Tuesday will have to have to
pay the Bus Fare.
The bus will be cancelled if there are fewer than 40 registrations.
Bear Spray and hiking poles MUST be stored under the bus. Please label any Bear
Spray and hiking poles with your name. There is a box for Bear Spray in one of the bins.
If you wish to join the outing, but drive yourself to the trailhead, please register
with your choice of activity AND email the bus coordinator to ask them to move you to
the ‘Car’ list.
Please choose an activity option before pressing ‘Register’. Click on the
Option/Locations below to get more details of each hike and a link to a trail map.
Please contact the Day Leader to volunteer to lead a hike or to request a specific
Please note that because of the unpredictable weather patterns all trips are
subject to change as necessary!

1ABuller/Guinn Passes to Galatea 18.5 km 1050m
2B1South Buller Pass, 15km 900m
3B2Meadows before Buller Pass 11km 500m
4CBuller Pass trail afatp
Day Leader: Gerrit Voordouw

Event Signup

Buller Pass – long day- Larch Season – after 6 PM return

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