Bus Coordinator: Greg McKenzie, ggmckenzie@shaw.ca, 403-286-3547

Bus Fare $20

Bus departing from Rosemont at 8AM, and Montgomery at 8:15  and Sheep River Library in Turner Valley 9:15  

BB & Pickup: Turner Valley library

Bus dropoffs: Turner Valley Library, Grass Pass, Gunnery Creek   

Bus pickups: Grass Pass (Sentinel Day Use), K Country Boundary flags, Turner Valley library (bus waits at Sentinel Day Use)

Weather: Expecting high 11C, partly cloudy.

Photos (May 2015) https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjKNyPhgmDW9tsNlAvPn8G4kK6yEpw?e=zNYYE7

May be muddy/snowy, bring cleats.

1ABull Creek Hills Traverse - Grass Pass to Marston Creek, 10km 780m
2B1Grass Pass to Bull Creek Hills, 10.5km 700m
3B2Grass Pass Trail, return via Gunnery Creek, 7.5km 350m
4CGunnery Creek 6.5km 350m AFATP
5CTurner Valley to Black Diamond on bike trail 8km return 20m
Day Leader: Bernard Nemeth

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Bull Creek Hills, Turner Valley

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