Bus Coordinator Gary Kerr – gwkerr@mac.com or 403 891 0294
Bus pickup times: Rosemont 8:00 am, Montgomery 8:15 am
Bus Fare: $20 plus $7 if you do not have a National Parks pass. Please update you Park Pass information on the website or bring your pass with you.
If going to Cave & Basin bring your Park Pass.
Biffy Break: Banff Bus Station

1ASki Cascade Fire Road to Warden’s Cabin 30.2 KM
2BSki Cascade Fire Road to Bridge 13 Km 150m EG
3B, CSki Cascade Fire Road AFATP
4ASnowshoe Cascade Fire Road to Bridge 13 Km 150m EG Copy
5B, CLake Minnewanka Stewart Canyon, 11 km, 150m EG AFATP
6C+Banff: Bus Depot, Cave and Basin (Lunch-Bring P Pass), Bow Falls, Depot 10 km, 70 m
Day Leader: Frank Howard

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Banff Cascade Fire Road and Surroundings

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