Notes from 2019 by Eric

It was a very hot day – some of the people going over Buller Pass/ Guinn Pass took over 6 hours to complete the trip.

Bus Coordinator: Greg McKenzie,, 403-286-3547

Bus Fare $20

Bus departing from Rosemont at 8AM, and Montgomery at 8:15.

BB: Mt. Kidd

Bus dropoff/Buller Day Use

Pickups Buller Day Use and Galatea Creek Trailhead.

Weather forecast as of Monday – 18 C, partially cloudy

1ANorth & South Buller Passes, 16km 820m
2B1South Buller Pass, 13km 670m
3B2Meadows before Buller Pass 11km 500m
4CBuller Pond to Spray Lake & return 3km 30m and/or High Rockies Trail AFATP
5ABuller/Guinn Passes to Galatea 18 km 1000m - A traverse over Buller and Guinn Passes and out Galatea Creek
Day Leader: Eric Leavitt

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Buller Pass area

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