For Bus and Telephone Coordinators -How to create a guest registration using the Registration Page

This post is for people who can add new or edit registrations through the Dashboard, e.g. Bus Coordinators and Telephone Coordinators.

First Log on to the Web site if not already logged on.

Then either select Dashboard and then select Registrations. Alternatively if you are only adding a new guest Registration you can Select New at the top of the web page and then Registration.

The filled in Guest Registration will look something like this

First step is to type the Guest’s name in the Add Title box at the top, last followed by first (this will enable the Search Function on the Registration page).

Second step is to select bus or car. Note that you do not fill in the USER BOX.

Third Step is to select the event that you are registering the guest for.

Fourth Step is to check the Is Guest Box, then fill in the Guest Name, First name, Last name. I know that you already put the guest name in reverse order at the top but you still have to put the guest name here.

Fifth Step is to fill in the Associated Member with the Guest’s sponsor. If it is you put your own name in the box.

Sixth Step is to Publish.

Note that you can also register Members – the difference is that you do not check the Is Guest Box. Please still fill in the TITLE box with the member’s last name, first name so it can be searched for.

Any questions contact Eric.