Adding images to Galleries

There are several Galleries for viewing photos on the web site. All members can add images to the Galleries. One of the Galleries, Candid Photos, is only visible after logging in. This is the Gallery that should be used to display members’s images. Before adding photos of members to the web site you should get permission to show the image.

How to add photos to a Gallery.

Go to the Dashboard and select Gallery. Choose Add Gallery/ Images. You will see something like this:

You can either upload directly or Import from the Media Library (see a previous post on how to add files to the Media Library.

Then select the Gallery that you wish to add photos to by clicking on Create a New Gallery and selecting the gallery you wish to add photos to.

Click on Add Files – and follow the instructions. If in Media Library select all the photos you want to add. Then click on select. This will take you back to Add Gallery where you then click on Start Upload or Import Images.

You can add captions, etc. to images but we will leave that for another post.