WEB Site Changes

Changes to the web site include the following:

Sharing email addresses: spouses or partners can now share an email address. Note that you still need to login under your username and password to register yourself for trips. You can also change the password for your account using the common email address.

NEWS (this is the renamed Blog). It only appears after logging in. Here is where club news and information will be posted so it is only visible after logging in to maintain privacy. You are encouraged to check NEWS from time to time to see if there is something new.

All Members can post items for the NEWS page. You do this by selecting Dashboard/Posts and then compose your News(post) and select Publish. Note that you can edit or delete your own post but you can’t edit or delete other posts. You can of course view all posts under News.

You can still access the list of Day Leaders under Trips, Events and Locations.

If you want to check previous trips for their Day Leader you can select a Date Range on this page. This will bring up a list of all Day Leaders for the selected range.

As shown by the image of the club crest above, you can include images or links in a post.

If you have questions please contact Eric at ericduaneleavitt@gmail.com.