New – Updating Your Profile and Changing Password

Changing your password or updating your profile once logged in.

If, after logging in you don’t see Howdy, Your Name, just click on the icon in the far top right. Then proceed as below. 

If you hover the mouse over the Howdy, Your Name, in the upper right of the screen, you will see Edit Your Profile, and Log Out. Selecting Edit Your Profile will bring up your Profile.

Scroll down to the information that you want to update. You can change your password by selecting Generate Password. Type in the password you want in the box to replace the program generated one. If it is Weak, either modify it or select the Accept Weak Password Button.

You can also enter your park pass information. Please enter the expiry date as the last day of the month that the pass expires. You will get a message warning you that you pass is about to expire in the month that it expires.

Once you have made the changes press the Update Profile at the bottom of the screen. Nothing is changed until you update. A note will appear at the top of the page under Profile saying Profile Updated.

Return to the home page by selecting Evergreen Seniors Outdoor Club in the upper left of the screen or using the back button.