Alberta Hiking Association

We are now listed on the Alberta Hiking Association webpage. Here is a link to their web page and here is some information about AHA.

About The AHA

The Alberta Hiking Association (otherwise know as AHA) is primarily an umbrella organization for hiking clubs from across the province. AHA is a registered non-profit society and will provide a stronger province-wide voice for hikers who have had little or no such voice in the past. AHA was incorporated as Hike Alberta Society on June 19, 2008, under the Alberta Societies Act. A Board of Directors was elected following a meeting in Red Deer on November 1, 2008.

The Objectives of the organization are as following:

  • To act as an advocate at provincial and regional levels for walking, hiking, and snowshoeing interests.
  • To create an information network that facilitates sharing ideas, concerns, and actions needed to promote and preserve hiking and the natural environment on which it relies.
  • To advance the development and maintenance of well-built hiking trails and to encourage trail-building initiatives in Alberta.
  • To promote responsible, minimal-impact hiking that respects the natural environment and to educate through example.
  • To increase awareness about the benefits to health and local economies of walking, hiking and snowshoeing.