Keeping your hands warm and dry in the rain.

From Marilyn Hardie.

I was asked to let others know about a trick I learned from a M.E.C. employee a couple of months ago.
– A group had been hiking the Stanley Glacier at very cool temperatures when it started pouring. We all had on gloves but our hands got soaked and were pretty much frozen on the return trip.
I asked an employee at M.E.C. what he would suggest as a way of protecting us in future. He said he and his backpacking friends use X-large latex or acrylic gloves over other gloves at first sign of rain.
Our group tried this on a very cold Skyline Trail hike this summer in Jasper. It worked perfectly – warm dry hands.
Also, I will add my hands were pretty cold on a recent snowy hike with the Evergreens – so I pulled out a pair I had in my pack and put them over my gloves and they warmed them up quickly. This may not work for people who have very sweaty hands – but it did the trick for me.