How to Edit an Event

Instructions on editing an existing event, including deleting Trail Locations, or creating new Trail Locations.

Editing an Existing Event

Please note that if you need to create new Trail Location do that before editing the Event. If you don’t have permission to create a Trail Location send the request to the Summer or Winter Trip Coordinators, or to the webmaster.

Simple edit to basic information about the Event.

The default Event type is Bus Trip, if setting up an Event or an In Town Hike please change.

The default registration limit is 70, please change if needed.

If all that one wants to do is change information such as bus time, Bathroom Break, hiking time, etc., here is what to do.

From the Dashboard, select Events and then select the one you want to change. (You can search for an event using the search tool or set the range of dates to display.)

Once you have the event, select edit and make your changes. After making your changes don’t forget to Update – in blue box on right.

Changing some of the Trail Locations

 The Trail Locations are the actual hikes associated with an event.

You can remove existing locations by putting your cursor to the right of the location you want to remove (in the grey shaded area) and clicking. It will check that you really want to delete.

You can then replace Trail Location with another already existing one by putting the cursor in the box, clicking and then selecting a different one. If you do you may want to update the Degree of Difficulty.

Note that there is a Trail Location called TBD that can be used as a filler to be filled in later, e.g. after the Sign in sheet is printed. This could be used to add in a hike on the bus.

Creating a new Trail Location by editing an existing location– note do this before editing an existing event or creating a new event.

 The easiest way to create a new trail location is to copy an existing one. This of course only applies if there is one existing already.

To start with a copy, go to Trail Locations, and find the one you want to copy.

Here is an example:

There are several existing locations for Takakkaw Falls. I started with the one for Takakkaw Falls/Twin Falls/Marpole Lake/Celeste Lake/Iceline. First I duplicated this Location, then I selected it and edited it.

After making changes to the title and adding a few notes I saved. That was all it took since any maps, its start location were the same, and its Location Group were the same as the original.

Creating a new Trail Location from scratch

Go to Trail Locations and select add new. Put in the necessary information, including the Trail Location Group. If you want to add a new Group please check with the Summer or Winter trip Coordinators or with the webmaster. (We don’t want new Groups unless really needed.)

Don’t forget to Publish.

Once the Trail Locations are in place you can Edit the Event.